How to do this effect on final cut pro x?

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      Please someone tell me how to do the effects with orange lettering and designs in the Schoolboy Q -There He Go (music video)!?!? Im currently using final cut pro x and havent learned motion yet. Can someone provide a tutorial or an explanation on how to do those effects. I have a bamboo tablet if it helps.

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      Check my videos

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      You’re gonna have to learn Motion or After Effects first. I has some motion tracking in it combined with animation and behaviours. None of that will make sense unless you learn motion graphics first.

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      Tutorials for editing tend to be for specific advanced features. Really basic stuff is usually easily discoverable. You just need familiarity with the editor. Basic functions such as moving the image left, right, in or out are sort of bread and butter stuff. I can’t advise for FCP – but on premiere, you set a key frame for the offscreen position of say the image you want to fly in, then you set the on screen placement, and the thing flys in when you run the sequence. You can change the size, rotation etc – at the same time. You then do the same thing for the next layer and so on. What can you do already?

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      Can you provide any links to a tutorial that will help me learn how to do this on motion.

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