How to do this effect in Adobe AE of Premiere Pro (CS6)

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      Today I signed up to this forum to ask you something. In the video (see link ^) there's an effect that disturbs the video. It distorts for 2 or 3 frames horizontally, you see another image for a couple of frames. I don't know what kind of effect that is. Do you guys know what the name is of this effect and if it's possible in Adobe After Effects or Premiere Pro (CS6)?


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      Create a normal title in CS6 and lay it on Track 2 of the timeline. Duplicate the title onto Track 1 and align it with Track 2 title. Go to Video Filters > Distort and choose an effect (or change the scale, opacity, color or anything else, depending on the effect you want). 


      Now just cut some thin slices out of the Track 2 title where you want the distortion to "show through".

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