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      Hey everyone,

      For years now, I have been filming the 8th grade graduation for a local school. I put together a montage, interview the students, film the ceremony, etc. I have always pre-sold DVD’s of the graduation. The parents buy a copy through the school office. I usually sell around 50 copies at $20 a piece. This is where I make most of my money for the gig.

      Here is my question: Is there a better way for me to do this? DVD’s are a thing of the past, and not even HD quality. I would love to distribute the video in a more efficient way that gives the parents a high res version of the video.

      The problem is, I cannot simply send them a downloadable link to the video file. If I did that, they could easily share it among themselves, and there would be no reason to pay $20 per person. I need some kind of system that only gives a copy to the parents who paid for one.

      Maybe there is a webpage or a service out there catered to exactly what I am trying to do? Thanks so much for the help.


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      Kevin Mc

      My thoughts: Even DVDs can be copied. Have you considered copying the video to some cheap flash drives for distribution? That way you can hand out a physical product when someone pays you, and not leave a free version online. But, it only takes one proud parent to upload it to YouTube… I would take orders from your customers immediately following the event – before they even leave the building – before post production, and while the thought of owning a copy is still a novelty.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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