how to cut three lipsync video into a song?

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      Hi. I want to try learn cut eding movies. I want to cut three lip singing movies into one with a audio (song). I am not sure what I am suppose to google. I want to have many clips of different faces lipsyncing to the same song. I am totally new to this and want to find a tutorial somehow. Where can I find that? 🙂

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      I doubt there is. I suspect you misunderstand the concepts. If the three people are singing to the exact same track, then you stuck them on the editor timeline and chop them up with the audio tracks aligned. If however, the songs are the same song, but different versions, then they won’t sync – as the tempos, keys and arrangements could be different. This means your editing skills need to be hugely better as you will be restricted by drift – the first syllable being on time, but over a phrase, or even a word or two – it drifts. So you build it up as a patchwork, or you stretch and shrink each clip to match. Hours of work for a 3 minute song! Also – not remotely suitable for a novice editor. There is no set formula for doing this, so there can’t be a youtube video – remember that most of these things that are worth watching are about the mechanics of doing something. Your need is fluid and unique.

      If you explain exactly what you want to do, what the source material is, and perhaps point us to the clips, we’ll tell you how difficult or practical it is. You also need to say what editing software you have – not all software has remotely the sophistication to do this, and if you have this kind of software, I suspect you would already know the answer of how to do it? Seems simple, but I’d not relish this one, and the days of work creating it if the tracks are not synchronous.

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