How to create psychedelic backgrounds using After Effects??

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      Hello everyone!

      I am getting ready to make a video for my friend's band. His idea is to try to emulate the feel of some of those 70's rock videos with the band in front of a green screen(at the time, it was probably blue) and a bunch of psychedelic visuals. Here's a couple examples:

      Black Sabbath –

      Frumpy –

      I feel confident in my multicam editing and greenscreen process.. Lighting, placement etc. My problem is with the psychedelic graphics. I can see that Black Sabbath used a lot of still pictures, that I guess they zoomed around and color-cycled through.. Any pointers on that color-cycling technique?

      Also, I would REALLY like to pull off the style like in the background of the Frumpy video above, where it will show one band member mirrored a bunch of times, kinda blending together with crazy colors. This would be awesome to be able to pull off.

      Any help totally appreciated, and thanks in advance!


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      Hi Nick


        good job, yes you can get the looks of 70's try using plugins

      and one more thing i would like to say, you can do much better keying to get the best output..




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