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      Hello I'm looking to create a specific introduction such as this video,

      I was wondering where should I start?

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      I would start in Photoshop. I would create vertical bands of the desired colors in the widths that you want with the proper dimensions overall. In other words, make a new transparent document 1920×1080 and then make a blue stripe that is 250px wide and 1080px high.


      Save as a .PNG24 with transparency and import into Premiere Pro or After Effects. From there, you can keyframe the opacity of the stripe to get it exactly where you want it.


      Regarding the multiple images of the models, I would mask out one image and put it on the timeline above the main image and off to the side.


      I hope that helps!

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      I forgot to mention that you can use the 4 point garbage matte to create the narrow slices of other footage to overlay onto your main piece as well.

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      Map out exactly what you want it to look like.  If you are trying to emulate the video you posted, that makes it easier since you have a visual guide to go by.  Shoot your footage of your models in front of a Chroma Key screen and take all of your graphic elements, like what Charles talked about, and put it all into After Effects


      Then you just need to start playing around with the footage in your timeline.  Crop the video clips similar to what they did in the video above. Play around with adding a lens flare to the scene as well.  


      Opens are fun.  Play around with it, get creative and see what works and what doesn't!



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