How to control the image under which a video appears online

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      I am about to post a video onto Facebook. I wonder how to control the image, taken from the video, that appears per default when the video is not running. I guess it's the same on youtube : the image that appears before one runs the video is not necessarily the first frame of the video. How can one control that ?

      Many thanks for any help !!!


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      I don't know about Facebook, but YouTube automatically gives you a choice of three images taken from the video for you to choose from. If you don't like any of them you can upload an image of your choice and use that instead.

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      Hello Charles,

      I only now see your reply. Thank you so much !! I didn't know about Youtube. I only once ever updloaded a video to Facebook, and that time I was not given that choice, or maybe I missed it. Thank you for your feedback !!!!


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