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      My son is an avid tennis player. I have video taped his tennis matches with a camera on a stick hanging on a fence solution. His tennis matches are typically 1-2 hours long.

      I would like to go through the video and cut out all the parts of the video that are not part of a point. In other words, I would like to record only the parts where points are actually occurring. From the serve to the end of the point. I would then like to concatenate all these sections of video together.

      I have done this manually — only recording the points in a match – manually hitting the record and stop button for each point, and the whole match ended up being like only 10-20 minutes. That’s the kind of things I’d like to be able to do by simply chopping up the long video into small parts that are then concatenated together.

      What is the easiest way to do this?


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      It’s very easy with video editing software. There should be a simple free program on your computer: PC’s have Movie Maker and Mac’s have iMovie. You would import the footage into a timeline and cut out all the footage you want to skip.

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      Cutting out pieces from a long video seemlessly is indeed very easy. There are many free tools for you to do this. If you are using a Windows computer, Windows Movie Maker, VirtualDub, Wax are all good choices. If you are using a Mac computer, your Mac must have a built-in editing tool: iMovie, other good choices like Avidemux, Blender etc. are good as well. If you don’t know which one to choose, here is a detailed comparison review to all those free tools:

Viewing 2 reply threads
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