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      I am trying to understand why a simple timestamp feature is being left out of modern profesional camcorders. I shoot depositions for a living and this feature is very necessary. I own a Canon XF200 moving from an Canon XHA1s. The XHA1s had a timestamp, so I assumed the XF200 would as well. But all you can do is character record the time and date. I have removed all other displays from the screen so all you see is the time and date. Only problem is that when I change aperture or other settings, the displays pop up and they are also recorded. I can't have this. Does anyone know how to fix this or hack the camera? I tried talking to Canon but they just blew me off saying not enough people are asking for the feature. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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      I'm not familiar with your Canon cameras but with our Sony products the date/time record on-screen is a menu setting. We're using an NX5U and a PXW-X70, the latter almost entirely for legal depositions. Never have had the problem you"re experiencing.

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