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      Hello, I am new to this forum. I am also new to video editing and video production.
      I’ve read on this forum in one thread that people charge anywhere from $250 for 5 bedroom house video (excluding the garage) and that $250 includes video editing, intro, ending and custom music. The sound tracks I know are $20 and up alone. Video editing for me takes about 1-2 hours. Driving, meeting, post production, client changes……

      Here’s my story… I am a video blogger and I offered one realtor to take a video of a house she was selling. The house was empty and was on market and we just went in and did the video. I do NOT have any professional video equipment no lights either. It was more of an amature video but everyone liked it a lot. The video received more than 20,000 views (I also used social media) and that realtor received very good comments. Then we shot 4 more videos and they all had lots of views. I did it for the heck of it but then I told her that I am done making such videos because I need to provide bread on table for my kid and I could not work for free forever. She now is asking me how much I’d charge her and I have no idea. ….

      I work in Adobe Premiere CS6 and then optimize it for web and use social media to get traffic going. The realtor is also not easy to please she might ask for several changes etc…

      I do not want to charge too low then I’ll hate myself to work for free and I spend lots of time driving (last time I drove for 30 min one way). How much would you charge?

      I saw someone posted that they charge $600 for $600,000 home and $300 for $300,000 home etc….but what if a house is $100,000 then it’s $100? For video and video editing? I think for that price I’d rather flip burgers at McDonalds.

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      Packages are a sure way to go broke. Instead, decide on the value of an hour of your time, your expertise, equipment amortization and expenses and charge accordingly. Charge separately for travel, setup and tear-down, shooting and for editing. Get paid for the shoot when you finish the shoot. The video then belongs to the client, who can choose to have you edit it or have someone else do it.

      Charge for editing and for posting the video to the web. Charge for editorial changes.

      Be sure to set a minimum — e.g., two hours, even if you’re only on site for 45 minutes. Otherwise you’ll find yourself making a commitment to do a shoot and making virtually nothing for it.

      Establish a travel fee schedule, based on distance and time so if you live in Chicago and you’re hired to do a shoot in Highland Park you can say “$xx.00 for travel to and from.”

      Our company’s minimum for a shoot is four hours, which includes one camera, setup and tear-down, for which we charge $400 — $100 per hour. Post production, which includes editing, client requested changes and posting to the web is billed at $80 per hour.

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      it’d depend on experience and all of things ”

      try yourself if you don;t pay someone

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