How much should I charge for a 3 min promo video?

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      Hi everyone,

      I am a kind of new here. I have a client who needs a 3 min promo video for his company.
      They will send me the graphics, logo, etc. they will also send me the audio.
      We just have to add special effects and some music.
      They also will send me another promo video which is similar of what they want, so that way
      we can have an idea of what they want.
      So, not sure how long it can take editing the video and how much should we charge?
      Just want to have an idea of what people charge here.

      Thank you.


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      How long is it going to take? 3 minutes of intense after effects and other frame by frame treatment with many layers could easily take you a few days. Equally, it could be twenty back to back cut and slice edits, that you can finish in an hour.

      No way we can tell you. One 3 minute music product took me nearly three weeks of painstaking beat matching, key changing and effects. The client said – “It won’t take long, I have all the clips, and just needs putting together”. Ha ha! I quoted a fixed price, and probably lost money on it.

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      The only way I’ve found to handle this after 18 years in the business is to charge by the hour. As Paulears points out, there’s no way to pre-determine how long a project will take. You can give your client an estimate, based on your experience and the details of the job, but giving a firm price is just courting disaster. And be sure to have a contract for the work, spelling out exactly what you will be doing, especially as comes to revisions.

      One of the joys of having your own company, and in my thinking one of the responsibilities of being a professional, is being able and willing to say “No.” If your client isn’t happy with an hourly rate, get out there and find another job.

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      Jack’s comments on revisions is really, really important. Many clients have no understanding of how long it takes to simply take two seconds out of a shot clip. There could be many layers involved and changing one short component meaning hours of work, plus of course rendering time each time you need to check it at full res on other devices. I work on manly theatre work and handed over a finished product – 60 minutes worth, only to discover two sections, 6 minutes in total featured a child with a protection order, and I was asked to re-edit the thing to blob out his features. The client had no budget, I’d have to hold other work. Two days extra work I was expected to do for free – despite not being in the wrong at all. Worse still, this was one of those jobs where I had not received back the signed contract, it being a regular client. What a pain!

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      Hey, I’ve been doing explainer videos for a while, and it would be a great pleasure if you could take a look at one of mine and give me an estimate on how you would price it. I finished in two weeks, and took another week for revisions. (Even though I didn’t make the script and voice-over, please factor that in)

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      My advice is to charge $50/15sec

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      Like it’s mentioned above, we NEVER charge depending on the length of a video.

      I believe this confusion originates from the client end;
      When they want to publish their corporate video/commercial on a TV channel or similar, they get charged by seconds or minutes. That probably makes them think that MAKING that video is also charged the same way. Unfortunately, some videographers or editors are OK to that path which contributes to this confusion.

      Just ask yourself how much time you need to invest on a particular project and charge it that way.


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      I’ll be happy to take a look. Contact me through my web site. My email address is there.

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