How much should I charge?

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      I know there are several topics like this, but can’t seem to find one that matches what I’m doing. I am shooting a “Yoga on the beach” video this weekend, one hour long, which she can sell to her clients. One camera, I am mic’ing her with a wireless headset mic to my canon xa20.

      So, what would you charge for this?

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      This question has been asked and answered so many times!

      Quick answer: if this is for a friend, do it for nothing. If it’s for a business client, charge what you would for any other project — costs, plus your salary, plus profit for the company.

      If you’ve never done anything like this before, charge $100. After you’ve completed the project, which trust me will take at least four or five hours to complete, ask yourself if what you charged was enough.

      Good luck

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