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      I’m a TV student who currently a freelance photographer and videographer.

      I was wondering how much should I charge for photos on its own and videos on its own, also the price if it comes to be both.

      Here are some of my work of videos:

      and here are the photos:

      My Gear:
      Canon 700D
      18-55mm Lens
      50mm prime lens
      75-300mm zoom lens
      Manfrotto Tripod
      8 batteries
      Rode microphone with rycote mount suspension
      Steadycam 60cm
      64 GB Lexar Professional

      Premiere Pro for videos

      For Photo:
      Photoshop CS6

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      I doubt we can comment – not knowing where you are? We have some cars with Irish registration numbers, indian restaurants and people in authentic foreign dress? Your Facebook page doesn;t have any details either.

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      Your charges should be based on your costs. This includes all your overhead — e.g., insurance, travel costs, amortization of your equipment, etc., — plus a salary for yourself and a profit for your business so you can repair and upgrade your gear. Add 20-40% to that for contingencies and you’ve got a reasonable pricing scale. There really isn’t any other way that I’ve found to arrive at an answer to your question.

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      Kevin Mc

      ^^ Yep, what Jack said. I’ve had clients ask for a three or four camera shoot of a long event, then ask me why I’m charging so much. Well, 1) I have a business to run… 2) I own and intimately know how to use all of the gear – and this is really key. The client doesn’t own the gear, nor do they possess the ability to use the gear properly, let alone edit together a multi-cam shoot. The hours spent learning, not just the gear, but how to compose a shot, manage white balance across multiple cameras, record and sync a separate audio track…etc., makes my time valuable. The cameras and audio gear required for such a shoot are costly. If I’m not able to make enough money to pay for, A) the gear B) repairs, and C) keeping my business open, then I can’t take on such a project. And, finally 3) Before each shoot, I must spend hours charging batteries (multiple batteries per camera – don’t underestimate this step – it can kill a good portion of a day), planning camera and mic positions (coverage)…etc. It all adds up. Just because a potential client doesn’t understand what goes into the process, does not mean you have to lower your price. They could always hire someone for far less, and get lesser results.

      Now, if you’re just starting out – you should consider doing a number of jobs for either really cheap, or for free. You need the experience, not just in shooting but also in editing.

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