How much memory needed to shoot video with iPhone?

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      I want to shoot a large amount of video with an iphone. I have one with 16 gigs, but someone told me it doesn’t have enough to shoot video. If I were to get a new one, what is the minimum needed? Thanks.

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      16GB is fine if you offload your videos to a computer after shooting. I’d suggest starting off with what you have. See how much space is used during a shoot, and remember to transfer the videos over to a computer. Check the total size of the footage once it’s on your computer to gauge your needs. Then you’ll know exactly what you need to buy, if anything…

      It’s really easy (and I mean REALLY EASY) to get caught up in wanting and buying new gear. I personally am addicted to it :). So I’ve adopted a philosophy of “just start shooting!” THEN see if you actually need something else/better. By this point you’ll know exactly what you need. Too often you’ll discover that you already have exactly what you need.

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      27-second video yesterday using the iPhone 4S “back camera” and when I pulled it off the phone using iPhoto and the USB cable, it was 84.1 MB. Thus, I’m figuring about 3.11 Megabytes per second. So that’s about 5.35 minutes per GB.

      I also transfered it via Dropbox. My Dropbox on the iPhone 4S defaulted to a video upload quality of “Medium” which changed the resolution of the video from HD to 568×320, and file size was only a couple MB. When I changed the Dropbox upload quality to “Original” the file that got transfered was 84.1 MB, and it was HD, 1920×1080 pixels. Luckily I was on WiFi and not 3G when I did that!

      The Dropbox setting of video “High” gave me a small file and 640×360 pixels.

      It appears that the phone’s back camera always shoots in HD mode and there’s no way to change it, that I can find. I haven’t tried the front camera.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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