How much can I charge for corporate video?

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      Pablo Lopez

      Hi everyone!


      I've been offered a gig recording a corporate video for a website and want to know what I should charge. The job consists of recording a person talking in front of a green screen video for about 10 minutes. The company is between 50 – 100 people so it is fairly small. Equipment rental will cost me $400 per day. I would like advice on what I should charge per hour to record footage and send it to them in digital format. 
      Thanks to all.
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      Valuation can be difficult. The way I work my business and I must say I don't have much experience with corporate video specifically. I value my services at 50 per hour, that includes shooting and editing, but my clients are also benefiting by the use of my equipment/software, and my years of experience in the video industry. Some clients are scared off by the 50/hr figure so I mask that by asking good questions and making educated guesses. So if I know a project is 10 minutes long lets assume we need at least two hours of shooting to get enough takes to cut together for a final product (re-shoots are unprofessional and a terrible option get it right the first time even if it takes longer) Now you have equipment it must be setup so lets say lights, camera, and other odds/ends will take you a generous 20 mins. Once you're all done you pack up this takes 10mins. Now once you get back the real work begins, I would say 2 hours of footage should take you approximately 4-6 hours for editing at this point you have 7.5-9.5 hours invested in this project that gives you 375-475 dollar valuation at 50/hr of your time. I would give that as your projected value and include your $400 rental cost give them an estimate of 700-900 for their project. Now don't forget any other costs you might incur including video hosting, physical delivery, and others. Nothing worse than having to go back and ask for more money, be upfront in your billing if you need 20/mo for the rest of forever for hosting make that clear. I hope this is helpful to you, there are other ways to value your projects, but this is how I do mine.


      Best of luck

      Justin Reto


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