How many fps for travel videos using multiple cameras

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Hello all,

So I'm going on a snowboard trip, and I want to record the trip and make a travel video.
I will be bringing my Canon 760d dslr along with my new GoPro Hero 5 black.

So my question is, how many fps should i be filming in? I have been reading around for an answer, and from what i can find, the best option for the GoPro when I'm snowboarding would be 60 fps to capture the action better. But I will be shooting with the Canon 760d when I'm not snowboarding, and the Canon can't shoot 60 fps in 1080p.

So I was thinking if I'm shooting in 24 fps with the GoPro when snowboarding, would the video look bad or boring? I will use 120 fps when I want a shot to be slow motion.

How do you travel video makers normally do it?

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If you're going to be using (and, to easily allow you to use) multiple cameras at various frame rates, I would recommend that your basic production frame rate be 30p. Higher frame rates like 60 & 120fps are based on multiples of 30p.

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Good advice - multiples convert fine later - so as the go pro material will be the most exciting, I'd shoot in 60/120 on that, and then 30 on the canon. They'll be better on the timelines. 24 means throwing random frames away - some of which will be detrimental.