How long will it take to edit the wedding video? How much to wait for getting wedding film done?

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      Hi all

      Its time for celebration in my home. My cousin brother is going to get married next month. So we are planning every thing to get done in a good manner. Going with making of wedding videos lots of services are available online, providing the best services. I have selected one of it for video and background music. My friend has suggested for this site. I just want to know how much time it required to make wedding film finally done.

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      I don’t understand why you’ve chosen this group for you video. They make no mention on their web site of any service other than providing music. Have I missed something?
      As for how long it will take to complete a video, you’ll have to ask the videographer. Some can deliver in a couple of weeks if they’re not too busy, others may take several months.
      Try to get a firm delivery date and be sure to have it recorded in your contract with the videographer. And whatever else, don’t hire the videographer without a written contract that spells out every service he/she will provide and how much it will cost.

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      Well that depends on your videographer In my area they deliver in 2 weeks.

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      I shot a wedding video on private property owned by the bride and I was hired by the bride. During my editing, I could see a woman looking at my camera while talking to two other guests. My camera’s mic picked up her saying, and I quote: “I mean don’t they ask for permission? There are cameras everywhere.” I have a contract that clearly states the final DVD is for private in home use only.
      I have been shooting weddings for over 20 years and have never knowingly ran into this issue. My question is two fold. Should I be getting permission from all guests at weddings and should I point this situation out to the bride and groom so as blur or just not to include these guest in their video.

      Thanks for your time and comments, Jamie

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      Kevin Mc

      Jamie – I’ve never run into a situation, while shooting a wedding, that required individual contracts be signed. EVERYONE knows that a wedding is going to be photographed and filmed. It’s (basically) a public event, and there is an implied expectation that you (the guests) will end up on film. While cameras make some people nervous, that’s not really our concern while shooting an event. For some events, I will have the host put on the invitations that the event will be filmed, with some follow up line like, so dress nicely. We really don’t care how they dress, we just want to have posted that, at any point, you (the guests) will end up on camera.

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