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      Hi. Please help. I so want to learn how this is done. I have asked but of course the person will not divulge. I asked in other forums and got ignored. here is the link to the cool video I would like to learn what program is this made in? I mean, for the spray part.  Thank you so much.

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      My guess is that it's a chroma key. It would take some planning doing the close-up shots but nothing that couldn't be done fairly easily.



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      Shots like this are done using Adobe After Effects. The video has someone spray painting but in fact, there is nothing coming out of the can. The image that appears is laid over the video but initially made transparent. Through the creative tools in AE, the image appears to be sprayed onto the wall, but it's actually being made non-transparent.


      It's not difficult once you learn how to use the tools in AE, but the learning curve is steep.

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      It looks like he is erasing a picture to let the Matrix or YouTube picture show through.  First layer on the timeline would be the urban setting with a brick wall. 

      Second layer up on the timeline would be the Matrix picture run through a Photoshop filter to give it a brick texture. 

      Third layer up on the timeline would be the brick wall cropped from the first layer picture.  You are covering the Matrix picture with the brick wall.

      Four layer up on the timeline is a green-screened image of someone pretending to spray paint a wall.  As the spray can moves over the lower images, erase the third layer and let the second layer show through.

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      Super easy.  I did a similar effect in an HGTV spot ten years ago where we wanted it to look like the kitchen cabinets were being spray painted. 

      Track the hero video into the shot, animate garbage masks to simulate the paint reveal. Use garbage masks to add talent, can, etc into the foreground.  In the version I did, we used a subtle particle system to simulate add the feeling that paint is being sprayed.

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      It seems to be done by using after effects. Mainly chroma key and masking. Looks great and effective


      Shashank Sharma

      Mumbai, MH

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