How is my video production?

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      Looking for feedback on how my music video looks. Thanks

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      Only got half way though because it’s not my genre at all, but what stood out is that the images are grey, low contrasty and don’t look beautiful at all? All the distracting tarpaulins and backgrounds just look messy.It looks like a boat, but has no context, pictures of barns on grey days, and a rapper who looks like he was on a country ramble with waterproofs – just kind of what anyone on youtube sticks up – composition wise. The edits are ok, but I personally find cutting to a zooming camera from a zooming camera a bit jarring. I think the initial images are the proble – they could be tarted up with some grading, but they don’t say beautiful to me.

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      Hmmm, there are only a few settings – and you’ve shown them all within the first few seconds of the video. So, there’s nothing new being presented visually for the remainder. Many of the cuts are of your profile, or turning your head away from the camera – so it’s hard, as the viewer, to ever connect face to face with the artist. The drone shots don’t set the scene – just a couple of random shots of the ground.

      I’m not saying this piece I produced a few years back is necessarily better, but I do believe that it has the feeling of moving forward, with interesting transitions. The artist is featured head-on, allowing the viewer to make a connection. Also, the colors jump out a bit for visual candy:

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      thanks for the feedback guys! I shot the video by myself so I was a bit limited in what I could do. Anyone have any tips on how to make videos more “interesting” while solo filming? Thanks again for the help!

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