How handle feedback when recording multiple playbacks?

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      What we’re trying to do is use a camcorder to record a person talking, and he has a n open laptop next to him. Then the video/audio we recorded is played on the laptop, and the person again sits next tot he latop and speaks while the recording taken earlier playes on the alptop and through typical external speakers plugged into the laptop. Then THAT video/audio is played on the laptop while the person sits next to the laptop and speaks.

      The problem is that we’re getting weird feedback/buzz/sound issues, even throughh the audio coming out of the laptop’s external speakers isn’t what’s being recorded at that moment (so it’s not the typical mic/phone feedback loop).

      Does anyone have any suggestions for how to handle sound when recording the recording of a recording? We bought the external speakers because we figured the issue we were having before was tat the laptop speakers are just to week/tinny.

      Should we try more bass on external speakers? Less bass? Play it louder but with camera farther away?

      Any suggestions welcome.

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