How does the edited video be delivered to user during editing?

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      I’m curious about the principle of video editing. When the video is edited on a certain NLE software, how does the computer display the edited result to the user on the preview screen? Does it create a temporal video file on the disk to store the edited result or just store the edited video stream in the memory?

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      I can only comment on my NLE which is Sony Vegas Pro. Unless I tell it to do otherwise, it plays back directly from the timeline (i.e. the hard drive(s) where the file(s) is/are stored). Unlike some other NLEs, no pre-rendering is done. Depending on the speed of your processor and graphics card, this may reduce the quality of your video on playback. Renders are fine but if you have an FX heavy timeline it will reduce quality and playback speed.


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      As Mike says, until the work is rendered the computer keeps track of all your edit information. NLE is non destructive: that is, your video files remain completely intact. The computer merely creates markers to indicate the location of cuts, dissolves, color correction, etc.

      When you play back your edit from the timeline — at least in Sony Vegas Pro, which is my NLE as well — the computer calculates from all the information in the markers and displays the bits and pieces of your video on the monitor as a coherent video stream.

      When the work is rendered the computer combines all the data points into a coherent stream and exports the results to the file format of your choice, rather than sending the stream to your monitor.

      A computer guru can probably explain this more technically, but I believe I’ve hit the salient points in the process.

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