How Do You Share Your Videos?

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We all love to make video, right? Either as a hobby for fun, a business for income or a documentary for a cause. But once you're finished with your masterpiece, it's not finished until someone views it. So how do you get your audience?

There are many places to share your video, do you use YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion or something else? Are there any tips you would like to share to make the process easier for those who are new to the video sharing game? What are the methods you use to get your message out there for all to see?

Please let us know.


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Most of my videos are Christian material and I use a site called E-zekiel. TV to share them, I get a much better response on the videos there because I know that that site is where My audience  is of the material I produce. For the other stuff I make You tube has been OK. and I just signed up to Vimeo but haven't uploaded any thing there yet

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I've been using YouTube exclusively.  It's been great for me as I've been slowly building a fan base.  My content is geared toward a smaller niche market, aviation, so I'm really pleased so far.  I've got over 600 subscribers and am getting around 1,500 views a day.  Like i said, its small, but its growing every day.  Facebook has been the best promotional tool yet.  Started my page around July and am at 497 fans.  

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I like using Youtube and facebook as well.

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Youtube sometimes Dailymotion

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For approval copies, we either email directly to the client or post on our website.  We use MediaBatchPro for password protection and user management.

Most of our work either goes to networks, local affiliates and cable headends. Stations and cable download directly from a dropbox on our server, we upload to their server or the spots are delivered by DG.  Networks delivery is generally by DG or by Aspera Connect to Filmcore/DeLux who traffics the spots.  Occasionally, we will have an oddball that will ask for an SP or DVD but that's generally for 30 minute shows.

For self promotion, we use Vimeo, Facebook and YouTube.




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I too am working in a niche market (live perfromance recordings with an emphasis on dance and burlesque)  I use YouTube and have over the three years uploaded about 1500 clips and have about 1000 subscribers.  I think the keys to developing an audience are good quality clips, regular contributions and facebook to let my friends and their friends know when new material is available.


When I need to share privately with a client I use Dropbox.


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I don't know the secret but it appears that it is a critical mass situation.  Since I replied I have added 270 subscribers and had about 240,000 views.  Many of the subscribers have names that do not use the normal characters so I am suspecting that they are from asia or the middle east who interested in the belly dance footage.  I record about 2 shows a week and post most of them, the remainder are for the exclusive use of the producers.  Do the best you possibly can both in recording and editing and become involved in the communities of performers you record.

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It's pretty easy to see why Bruce is getting the traffic, women shedding their clothes always draws attention, Good niche Bruce! But Beth, I doubt your performances are similar. Keep in mind that youtube traffic focuses on outrageous antics, very good talent, cute animals & kids, special interests and clips and recreations of very familiar material. It's hard to offer tips without knowing your content and objectives. If you share some more info, maybe this group can help.


As for the original post, my best tips are do what other successful video sharers are doing, post often, make it interesting, make it the best quality you can, find other people who share your niche, try different things. It took Edison 10,000 attempts to get the light bulb to work, don't give up.

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There are many great platforms for public sharing of completed works, I’ve always found Vimeo to be the best channel for sharing quality content, YouTube is too saturated with crap these days. You can also look at new platforms like Vine, great for short form content. 


If you're looking for private share, you should check out something like, which let's you share and review videos through a closed network. Pretty cool stuff. 



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I only use YouTube when I create a new royalty free song I make a video of it.


Then I of course distribute the video through Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn and my own Ning network community via Email. I also share the video on my blog.


This works well because I get a good amount of views : )


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Vimeo is the best for community, YouTube is the best for views.

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I usually upload videos on Viemo, YouTube, and Facebook. Among all of them, I love YouTube most!

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