How do I trust that it’s free?

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      I was brought onto this one Indian wedding by this friend who was looking for a videographer for 2/5 days. He was just starting up his company “__________ Productions” and this was his first wedding ever, so he said this wedding was going to be for free. He also said the couple getting married wasn’t going to pay him, which meant he wasn’t going to pay me. I thought about it then agreed to do it because I wanted to expand my portfolio etc.

      Then he asked me to do the editing which I also agreed on, because I know for a fact that if he edited, he wouldn’t be doing the couple a favour.

      And so the edit is almost done, but I’m really hesitant on whether I should send it to him or not. I have a feeling that the wedding isn’t really free and he’s hiding the fact that he’s getting paid without telling me or the other videographer he brought on for the other 3/5 days because the couple was very young and wealthy by the looks of their venues, clothing, cars etc.

      I should probably also mention this guy likes to take credit for every role he thinks he deserves and has taken advantage of people many times before.

      How should I handle this? Should I ask the couple up front if they’re paying him or not?

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      Put the completed video (for the client/s approval) on You Tube as an unlisted video but with a big diagonal watermark (with your name) across the video. Only release the video without the watermark when you are paid.

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      Mike WilhelmMike Wilhelm

      Wow. I have no advice to give other than to never work with someone who you suspect is deceitful.

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      It won’t get you any money out of this project, but if I were in this situation I would include a credit slide: “Cameras Joe Smith and Charlie Gray; edited by Charlie Gray.”

      Then, as Mike suggests, never work for or with this guy again. I definitely would NOT approach the couple, who are not a party to the deception, and I definitely would not, under any circumstances — including for my old mother begging on her knees — “work” for anyone again without compensation unless your doing it as a public service.

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      I think you’ve already made your mistakes on this one.

      If you have agreed to work for free, you should stick to your word and deliver the product as agreed.

      A suspicion is just a suspicion after all, so use this experience as a way to detect if your friend is being deceitful.

      Maybe add a credit for yourself and if he removes it or tries to downplay it, at least you’ll have learned not to work with him again.

      Either way, take it as a lesson and move on.

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