How do I shoot a scene where a person emerges for from complete darkness?

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      I want to shoot a scene in which a person seems to be emerging from the darkness. So as he moves closer to the camera more of him will be viewable.

      How exactly would I achieve this as I the only room I have available to shoot this kind of scene is about 12' by 11' and I cant have any background showing because i have to composite him into another shot.

      Thanks for any help πŸ™‚

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      That's a VERY small room to try this in.  Can you shoot outside at night?  The idea is you want your actor to move from an unlit, shadow area into a lit area. Besides restricting the light from your lighting instruments to a small area, you need to make sure that there is no (or as little as possible) light bouncing off the walls of this very small room, so the walls need to be made BLACK. Even black show-card reflects some light. You want to try cover the walls in black velvet cloth if possible. Also make sure you lock your iris down to the proper exposure of your talent when they're in the light; don't let your auto-iris try to look into the shadows.  If you don't have enough room for your actor to step into a pool of light, you can try keeping him stationary and panning the lights onto him (don't raise the bridge, lower the river!).  If you shoot him from the waist up with a slight zoom in, you may be able to make it look like he's walking toward you.

      Shoot tests, and Good Luck!

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      Right.  small room.

      Combine with jleinung said with getting one shot of the empty room with the best backdrop you can muster and the second shot, with some masking in place, doing a fade in from black of your subject.  Not quite green screen but any camera noise will match between the shots.

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      Don’t know if you are still following thread, but is this a similar shot to what you wish to do?


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