How do I record using an external device?

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      I am going to have to use a DVI-I signal and need to record the highest quality I can.  I have never used a DVI signal or an external recorder so I am having an issue looking up devices.  


      The set up I'm trying to do is one of two things.  I either need a DVI-I to HDMI or SDI.  From HDMI/SDI I need to go to either a recording device or a field monitor.  From Recording/Field Monitor, I need to go to Field Monitor/Recording device.  Also, the footage will be frequently overcranked, so the signal needs to maintain 1080p 60 fps in the highest quality possible.  Uncompressed 8 bit or higher preferred, 422 quality minimum.  


      Does anyone have a good field monitor and external recorder set up for this situation?  If I'm leaving something out, let me know.

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      it would help us if you describe a bit more what you are trying to capture?


      is it just screenshots? 




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