How do I put live streaming to my existing website ?

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I own a website about Scrolling LED Signs and its successfully doing its business well in USA. I want to add some video steaming effects to it, to make it more appealing and engaging. So what would you like to suggest me me to get this done ?

I am not technical and can't edit website myself to make video streaming working on this.

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I use StreamingVideoProvider and could really recommend them.I mainly use them for live streaming. They have many advantages as a streaming company like highly secured streaming, Pay-Per-View system with no commission on sales, really good IP White / Black listing feature, as well as Geo Restrictions and Domain Restrictions. This is at least what I use with them for selling my tutorials. You can check them:

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It depends on the servers your website sits on and whether or not they allow live streams. This you need to check with with you server hosts, it may be against their police because it chews up too much bandwidth


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