How Do I Mimick This Look?

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      I’m fairly new to the whole, video production, and would like to know how to achieve this look? I did a bit research but I want to know what it takes to produce this cinematic music video & was wondering If I could get a quality like the link below

      I have a canon 6D, with decent lens. Can I achieve this look?, is their specific lens I should look for?

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      I’m pretty sure that the look you are looking for can be achieved in post. Besides the slow motion, the “look” itself is just color correction and color grading; there might even be LUT’s in DaVinci Resolve that can get you really close to that particular color palette. Of course, low light is a nightmare if you want to get that sharp image but if your lens is good enough you should be alright.

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      I’m also a noob -shooting with 7DII -but if the “look” you’re interested in is the smooth slo-mo, I don’t think you can achieve that with the 6D. You’ll need a higher frame rate cam, they also used either a track slider, or steady cam for the movement shots. Just my opinion.

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