How do I make one of these?

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      I have no I dea what it is called, but here is an example of one

      it starts at 00:23 and ends at about 00:30 .. it shows the same thing after each part of the video (hard to explain) but I would like to make one myself, any help on how to do so?

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      Okay so here is How I would create this.



      1. take a screen shot of my character lots of detail in a natural pose.

      2. Snap a cool background to use as the backdrop.

      3. using a photo editor such as gimp or photoshop I would crop out my character leaving just him and no backdrop.

      4. do the same to the background image any touch up such as removing things.

      5. put the two together.

      6. create a bar graphic/buttons with text or find one on the net.

      7. put it all together then bring it into my editing program.

      8. add visual effects such as smoke, flares, fire, blooms, sound effects, and other polishing effects. Many of these are available from sites like this:

      8.5. If you want the bar to zoom out like that you should keep the background/character and the bar graphic separate and then use your editors resize tool, or a transition effect to make that happen.


      Please keep in mind if you are "borrowing" anything (I.E. you didn't 100% make it yourself from scratch) you need to know the licensing for it. If someone else owns it and you use it you could get into serious trouble, so just make sure before you go downloading all the effects/pictures/sounds you come across.


      Best of luck, hope I helped





      If you want the character to move you will do the same thing except you will need a screen capture program and get video of what you want instead of a still shot; then splice it together as one.


      Edit2: I would call this an index page or table of contents page, just like in a book. Tells the viewer what's coming.

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