How do I keep people out of my cams’s lines of sight?

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      I’m a budding videography enthusiast but still learning as I go along. When shooting, I work alone and I use up to 3 cameras (2 running unattended on tripods and 1 operated by myself). My biggest headache is people blocking the unattended cams, either walking past it or blatantly standing in front of it, causing loss of valuable footage. How can I effectively prevent people from violating my camera space? I tried talking to them, i even used demarcation tape or placed obstacles like furniture in the way but no avail.
      Any guidance highly appreciated

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      AvatarKevin Mc

      Working alone, I had similar issues. Place the cameras up higher than the crowd for an unobstructed view.

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      Thanks Kevin. Everyone tells me that. The thing is, most of my work is for our church sermons and my Camera “A” must be eye-level with the pastor with this type of shoot. But never mind, this actually inspired me to direct my first educational documentary and get a few volunteers to stage the “before” and “after” to recreate a graphic representation. Thanks once again πŸ™‚

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      Stefan, the point of having three cameras is to enable editing, which I’m sure you already know. With any live event, even if all your cameras have operators, you usually have to edit around blocked shots.

      If an eye-level shot of the pastor is requisite, try moving the pastor-camera down to the front pew, on the aisle. I’ve done this for weddings from time to time and it works well. Another possibility, if you must shoot from the rear of the church, is to place your manned camera on a dolly so that you can make subtle moves when necessary to avoid thoughtless people standing in front of you. Also, place the unmanned camera tripods nearly touching the back of the last pew, thus preventing anyone from standing directly in front of the camera. An assistant to shoo off the thoughtless is also a possibility.

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      Thanks Jack. After some experimenting with various tripod setups as well as clear communication with the usual suspects, life has greatly improved. Thanks for the advice

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