How do I improve sports editing?

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Look I've been editing gaming videos for about a year now but I have recently switched to basketball videos.Gaming is all about the cuts but sports editing takes a lot more than that.

Here is a video that I created about 3 days ago.I would love for anyone to give me tips on how to improve it!

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Looks fine - just difficult to judge without seeing what you actually did to the clips? Timing works for me - did you do the slomo? It's always tricky to give opinions on re-editing, as you have no idea of the processes. Good source material makes life easy (easier?) So trimming ins and outs in good footage often doesn't require anything other than where to do it - shift a bot early or a bit late and would it matter? Telling a story is always harder. Quite watchable, so you did fine I guess?

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As the skill level of video editors are very high and vary. You might already do some of these editing tricks, but if not you should definitely try out Streamhash-