HOW do I get my video in MPEG-4 audio AAC

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      I am looking at entering a film festival with a promotional short I made. The only problem is they want the format to be MPEG-4 and the audio AAC and I have no idea how to get it there.

      I have Sony Vegas Platinum 12 and I see no way to render to that file type. Do I have to encode it or???


      Any help appreciated!


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      Render as Main Concept AVC, AAC (*.mp4). Check you custom settings for frame rate and resolution and check the audio tab to make sure the audio is AAC. It will probly have a template selected that say's "Youtube" or something but you over ride those settings in the custom set up.


      I don't have the studio 12 but I have Vegas Movie studio 10 and Vegas pro 12 and the setting is in both of them so it should be in the Vegas Movie studio platinum 12 as well. That's kind of a web standard. You might get away with higher bit rates for the festival though.


      Hope that helps

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