How do I get more Subs on Youtube?

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      Hi Guys!
      First of all I’m an Austrian Boy, so my English skills aren’t perfect 😀

      Since 6 months I produce outdoor videos, primarily with my GoPro Hero 4BE.
      My problem is, that I get too few Subs and Views on my Videos.
      Can anyone give me some tips to push my Channel a bit?

      Social Medias are available and I also get a lot of positive feedback according to my Videos so they aren’t bad


      Thanks very much!

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      Kevin Mc

      Unfortunately, we are all just grains of sand in the ocean, that is YouTube. From a November, 2015 article, “Almost exactly a year ago, YouTube announced that there were 300 hours of video content uploaded to the site each and every minute.”

      The shear amount of content uploaded to youtube every minute greatly limits your chances of randomly getting noticed. Post links to your videos on Facebook, your website, forums (where appropriate)… etc.

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      Benni, there is an American saying that goes like this “Fight Fire With Fire” It means use the tools you have to get the result you want. Youtube has many videos on how to get subscribers and views. Check out this link:

      Also, there are many articles available online on how to get more views and subscribers. Check these out first and you will see some patterns that will give you the best advice for how to get more views and subscribers. The main thing is post things that will be of interest to viewers. Check out the videos that you watch and like. What is appealing about them? Also, be sure to try new things. If a certain style of your videos don’t attract viewers, try something different. Good luck and let us know when you have success.

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      Here’s a different thought.
      What is the purpose of getting views? Is it for your own ego? Are you selling something? Do you need to impress someone to get a job?

      I have a few clients who have had only a hundred views and they are quite happy with the results because the video served the purpose of a “call to action.” They purchased the item or came into the facility for a tour after seeing the video.

      Unless you are preparing to make money from youtube, forget about the views and please yourself for the only purpose of seeing your footage on youtube.
      If you are looking for the approval of others, are you then starting to make videos to please them and sacrificing your own vision of art?

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      Well for my insight about it, you can share it via social media and if you have many friend ask the to subscribe and share the video because referrals are effective if you know that. Or you can use some tools of software but i doubt that it can get natural subscribers.

      -Maryann Farrugia CEO

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      I make similar videos and i only have 73 subscribers, most of which are my friends

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      So if you want to be a very known you tuber, then you must be fluent in English or people would rather see other peoples videos. The fact is as it is an International language and what you are trying to do is seeking attention of people from all over the world so yes you have to be perfect in speaking English. So try to do it first.

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