How do I get 3 helpers for making a YT video?

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      Yes, this is a very unusual question, but I’m serious as I’m almost at the end of my wits, after all the depressing experience made. Maybe someone here has an idea to finally overcome the obstacles found and get it rolling?

      What I would like to make is a video similar to this one (watching the first 60 sec enough):

      So video-record a short call made on a mobile phone in a rolling car, but also record it at the other end, ie preferably at a landline handsfree speakerphone, then juxtapose both recordings. This in order to demonstrate the superior sound quality of a mobile phone call made via an *external antenna* (in contrast to a freely radiating phone operated inside a car), see

      What I would need are 3 ‘men’, 2 camcorders, and 1 such speakerphone. And all in New Zealand, near Auckland. No problem, you say? No chance, I say.

      My resumee: Someone owns ‘this’ part needed, another one has ‘that’ one. But getting them all together to co-operate is seemingly impossible. Of course I am ready to pay a reasonable price. I even talked to professional makers, but they’re thinking in other dimensions.

      To what extent the factors that talk against me (seen from the local point of view – ie having an anti-mainstream idea, speaking fluently but with some degree of accent, not good in the ‘how do you do’ game not found in other languages but indispensable also here) prevent me from reaching my goal must remain anyone’s guess.

      Any ideas? Everything is welcome, except ‘funny’ comments – I’m simply not in the mood anymore. .)

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      Using people who have no idea never works – great if they can just push, pull, twist, run on your cues, but making videos is not simple. If you have no friends to call in favours from, then you have to pay for people who do this semi or fully professionally – and they’ll not be interested in the project, just the money. For what it’s worth, recording the real sound is never as good as mocking it up to get the ‘right’ sound. Since you can;t do a sync job – as in having the same call through the different antenna systems, the words will be different, so cutting them together will be a bit of a cheat anyway – so go the whole hog and simulate the problem. So this means if you have two cameras, then that’s just two people?

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      Thanks a lot for your thoughtful reply. Things move slowly here, but I actually managed to get what I wanted, although not in superb quality:

      Now the nenxt step would be to merge these 2 videos into 1, at certain seconds of their respective timelines – my own video editor doesn’t have a multicam function. Do you have an idea where I would get that, at an affordable cost and within a reasonable time? NB: I just made bad experiences with

      And the purpose of the venture, by the way, is to remind people of the desirability of external antennas for in-car operated cellphones. See supporting statements by a major network operator, the government regulator of a major nation, and the biggest antenna maker in the world, quoted on page 1 at

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      WBV, sounds like you want a simple edit using the 2 clips as sources. You did not mention your platform, Apple or PC. Here is a short video explaining how to split a clip.

      Basically, you will split your clips where you want the transitions to go from one to the other. You can create a file copy of each sub clip and put them back together in the order you want. Easy and no cost. There are other similar solutions for PC as well. Your choice is to invest some time in learning to edit or hire someone to do that for you. Let us know how it turns out.

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      This same idea crossed my mind last night. After a short sleep, I went back to the computer, and here’s the result:

      Not great, but it fulfills its purpose, for the time being.


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      Great, glad to hear. Thanks for sharing your outcome.

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