How do I finde a tripod?

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      Guys I need some help…
      I bought a Aiptek V5Z6 Video camera  and I can't find any tripods on Aiptek for it. 
      Does anyone know where I can find a matching one, or is there nothing for it?
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      Have you tried going to a local camera store and seeing if they have anything that will suit your purpose?



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      If it's a consumer camcorder it should have a standard mount. Any consumer tripod will fit (camera or camcorder). The only time I've seen a different size is with professional equipment. They tend to be heavier and need a larger mount to handle the weight.



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      Most tripod manufacturers have a calculator on their website to help you find a tripod and head that will properly support your camera.  You need to know the weight of your camera, heaviest lens, a battery, and other accesories you might mount on the camera such as a light or wireless reciever.

      Here is a link to a configuration app on the Manfrotto website.  You can find similar features on the sachtler website, etc.


Viewing 3 reply threads
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