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      Hi all, newbie to the video world. I'm self taught and do it for fun really. I just bought myself a new HD camera and am ready to really dive in to creating some music videos. I was wondering how to achieve this effect in this particular music video?
      Happens at 0:38/0:49 for a good example. How do you smoothly slow down time like that? I use adobe premiere pro. Also on my new camera I have the option to record in the super slow motion effect. I was wondering how I would be able to use what I see in the video I posted there? Going from real time to super slo-mo time? I understand the super slo mo uses a different shutter rate, so I assume that I would just shot in slo mo and speed up play back in adobe and run regular time when I wanted to slow it back down? (As a better example i want to throw a water balloon in real time and as it hits the ground, i want it to play in super slo mo time so you can see all the water droplets and then speed up again after the burst to real time). Sorry info rambled. Hope you get the jist! 
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      Record high speed and/or use plugins like twixster.

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      That's a ridiculously high frame rate. There aren't any consumer cameras on the market that can do that. Your best bet would be to download Twixtor, I've seen people take it to 5000fps and it looks great. There are variables of course, but once you get familiar you can get pretty smooth motion out of it.


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      Not necessarily super high frame rate… but a very fast shutter.



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      Oh…  why I said shutter vs frame rate…  

      Yes, a phantom gold at 1000 fps would be ideal, you might get close for your needs with a poor man's version done with far more humble tools.  Twixter and much lower frame rates might not look bad assuming the frames were super clean.  Fast shutter means shorter exposure meaning cleaner pieces to interpolate. 


      But yes, 1000 fps would be totally fun to play with.   πŸ™‚

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      Again I'm still VERY amature. I looked at my camera and I can set the shutter to 1/4000. But I still don't understand. I'm sorry for being a pest. Is it possible to help walk me through it for Premiere Pro? If you provide me some steps and how to's, I will get the jist of it and I'm pretty good at learning on the fly.  i would be using a standard wide screen HD project template (23.97fps)



      Basically asking too… Can I shoot in high shutter speeds "just cuz"? Will it affect my normal speed video and then give me the "cool" super slo-mo effect I'm looking for when I slow it down?

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      Check out a plug in called twixter.

      The best way to see the effects of shutter and frame rate is getting out and playing with your gear.  Higher shutter rates will give your footage a bit of a hyperreal feeling since it will be much shorter slices of time.    


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      Sorry I've been MIA. I've been working. Thanks for all the insight guys. I will look into twixtor!

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