How Do I Create This Editing Technique in Final Cut Pro?

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      I was wondering if anyone knew how to create this editing technique in Final Cut Pro as seen in the newsy video link below from 00:03 to 00:11. I’m working on a same project with images of a letter (with the blurry letter background focus) in side-by-side with a video of Trump giving a speech. Basically, EXACTLY the same as how it is shown in the video below.

      Can anyone help me on how to do that? I’d appreciate it greatly!

      Many thanks in advance,


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      Far too many steps involved to explain here. Visit Youtube and search for FCP tips and tricks.

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      Although Premiere that I use is different to FCP, the actual processes are similar – all that clip is -is a collection of layers with different transition types and motion. the main trump video is full screen, then your next layer is sized to just the left hand side, has the right edge blended so it blurs into the other one. It then gets animated so it travels upwards. The two text pages are also layers, animated to appear on screen, with a newsy logo as your top layer. On premiere, if you had the clips, it’s a ten minute job to put these together. I doubt FCP is any different.

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