How Did They Get Such Good White Balance?

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      I apologize in advance if this is a double post. I tried posting yesterday but got no confirmation of it being posted.

      How do you believe they got such a clean white balance in this video, which I am assume was shot with an 8-bit DSLR):

      The tungsten lights are well. It is not too orange and it is not too blue. Normally, if I correct for the orange lights, then the views out the window turn blue. If I DON’T correct for the tungsten lighting, then the walls turn yellow.

      They seem to have mitigated the orange / yellow from the tungsten lights without making the areas lit by daylight turn blue.

      Any thoughts on how they did that???

      I can’t unfortunately ask them because they are kind of a competitor of mine.

      Thanks in advance, and sorry if this is a duplicate post.

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