How can I save movie footage to edit on Mac (Final Cut or iMovie)?

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      I have a MacBook and would like to try spoofing a movie scene (1-2 minutes) for satire and parody.  My question is what is the best or easiest way to grab the footage of a movie so I can edit?  Do I rent a DVD and view it on my Mac and grab it that way or preferably to view it online from say Hulu or Netflix?


      I plan on using Final Cut Pro, but before I spend the money on that, I was wondering if its possible to use iMovie since I already have it.  Your thoughts?


      For those of you who have legality issues over this, I believe this is legal as long as you're doing this to spoof in satire or parody.  You see countless videos on YouTube doing this not to mention the late night talk shows doing this.  Thanks a million.

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      You can view it using netflix then edit it using the software that you have, however, you must have the actual mp4/wmv to be able to edit the video the way that you wanted.

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