How can I record to HF100 and send to VCR simultaneously?

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      I’m in a jam. I’m recording a deposition this week and thought I had all of the necessary equipment, but now I’m scared. I want to record with a Canon HF 100 while sending its recording/output to a VCR in realtime. I thought I could simply use the mini a/v out, but this only transmitted to the VCR when the camcorder was in playback. There was no signal when recording. Any suggestions?

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    I'm not familiar with the HF100 but in many cameras there is a menu option that provides for video output while recording? You might look to see. If all else fails, consider renting a camera for the shoot.

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    I've worked with a lot of camcorders and have yet to see one that would not provide live video output while shooting. My Canon HV20 has a menu option, as Jack mentioned, something to the effect of "DISPLAY" being either "LCD" or "LCD/AV OUT" and you would want the second option obviously.




    Jeff Pulera

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