How can I record my iPad's screen

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I want to make videos to review iOS games and apps. My friends suggest me use QuickTime but it is not available for Windows PC. Is there any other option I can take advantage of?

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Well, finally I found this article
If your device is not jailbroken like mine, just go through the post and pick an app. There are many options for both using your device only and using a computer. I'd love to use my Mac to record the screen because I find the video quality recorded using this method is the best.

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There are many application to record your iPad screen. Airshou is one of those applications. The new version of Airshou screen recorder is available now. You can get that from Tutu Helper app. You can download tutu helper for free( Install the app and download airshou recorder from that.

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Hey there, normally there are two ways to do that, first one is you can use some iphone recording apps like Airshou, which is one of the most popular screen recorders for iPhone, also used by most YouTubers. Airshou is reported that they are going to stop updating this app, so you may not be able to download it from App store now. But with a little search on Google you will find a website called iemulators where you can download the app for free. Second way to do this is to mirror you iPhone screen to your Windows PC, then use a software like Airserver to record from your Windows screen. Hope this helps~ If you need some recording app for Windows computer, here are some best choices:

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The best way to record iPad screen is using the recording apps. IMO Airshou, Everycord and BB Rec are the best ones. But BB Rec and Airshou are not working properly for some users. The only screen recorder that is good to use is Everycord. This app really simple and we can record high quality videos using this. You need not jailbreak the device because I could install it without jailbreaking. You can read the tutorial here:
The tutorial is the best one that explained how to install the app and what to do if you face any issues. You can read there and install the app on your iPads. This works on iPhone and Mac as well.