How can I play TSCPROJ?

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      Recently I am using a video editor named Camtasia Studio 9. However after finishing editing, the output format is TSCPROJ which I have never heard of. It cannot be played on Windows Media Player and VLC. I tried using some third-party software to convert the format to those common ones like MP4 and AVI but it cannot be moved at all! Do you guys have any ideas how to handle it?

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      According to several posts on Google, Camtasia Studio 9 allows export of its TSCPROJ project files tin the MP4 format. You shouldn’t need a third party program to do this.

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      This program requires you to purchase a lisence to export it from the program. You save it as a unique file type, which can only be opened in the editor, the only way to get it out is to buy a lisence.

      However, if you find a way round this, let me know?

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      Thank you

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