How can I make video like this? (link inside)

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      So here is some bar on left side where appears words, on right side in center video, and around some blurish surrounding that follows video in center, and on bottom are appearing “some info.”

      Would anybody be kind to tell me in short how to make video like this in Sony Vegas, or if it can not be done there, then describe how to do these few things in any other video editing software? Thanks a lot!

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      In Sony Vegas: bottom track — fill screen with background material. Next track up: size video clip using Pan/Crop, and center it in background material. Third track up: use Tack Motion to size side-bar material and position on left side. Fourth track up: use Track Motion to size side-bar material and position on right side.

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      Jack is most right, but what I see in the video, when the little screen is on the screen, the background is actually the same video footage, blurred out some. To Achieve this in Vegas, what I would do is PIP over the same footage that has been burned, so you have the same video on 2 tracks, you blur the one line and using the other line make it smaller and resize it and place it where it needs to be

Viewing 2 reply threads
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