How can i improve this project?

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      Hello guys.

      In 2017 I made a video for a set of events in 7 cities in Brazil, its a lecture about entrepreneurship, with the participation of a magician, for youngers entrepreuners. 

      In that video I did some images of the making off, the event, the audience and the smiles, and interviews with some young participants.

      Im using Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017, and my knowledge about the program is no so advanced.

      And this is the result:

      It was my first project, but next week I will start again the event through 20 cities. I wanna improve the quality of my images, sounds and mainly the edition, the angles of the scenes, and everthing that I can do better.

      Im using a dslr camera, and i work alone in the photography, capturing the images and editing the videos. I use a set of lens (18-200, 10-18, 100mm and 50mm), an Led illuminator, a handheld microphone and a little lapel microphone.

      So, the question is: How can I improve my projetc this year?



      It starts showing the making off / The preparation of the events.

      So it shows the map with the citiesand images os each city (some of them i didnt have images).

      The intervews with the magician and an congressman,

      Images of the event,

      Interviews with young participants telling about what they think about the event.

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      You need some kind of title to introduce what we’re looking at. I didn’t even know what I was watching for like 1:30. What dslr you are using?

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      the footage quality looks pretty good though.

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