how can i combine ppt and video?

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      i am planning on recording some speakers at an event.

      In final video, i want to display their presentation and video side by side. how to do that? how can i combine both in a video?

      what software to use? how to do that?

      can anyone help please?

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      One way to handle this is to put the speaker into an upper quarter Picture-in-Picture, with the PowerPoint filling the rest of the screen. The problem you’ll often run into is that the PPT will have been designed to occupy the entire screen and your PnP will obscure some of the text.

      Better is to cut away from the speaker to a full screen PPT with the speaker’s voice over, then cut back to the speaker. Most PPT is a crutch that really is unworthy of much time on screen. It’s often not informational but rather a reinforcement to what is being said. You can safely cut away from it when it’s not specifically related to what the speaker is saying.

      We always shoot speakers with PPT presentations using two cameras, one on the speaker, one on the PPT screen. This provides an excellent reference to connect the speaker and PPT when you’re editing.

      You may not be aware that PPT can be output to video formats — .avi and .mp4 I believe. This will give you the best image to include in your final edit. PPT shots of the screen invariably have white balance issues, often serious enough that they are unusable. You’ll need to arrange with the speaker beforehand to get a digital copy of the PPT presentation for your edit.

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      Download and evaluate the free version of vMix vMix has a Powerpoint input which will require that you obtain a copy of the Powerpoint prior to the presenter speaking. The free version permits two inputs – an HDMI input using a capture card such as El Gato 60S or something similar, and the second input can be any one of several options, including a Powerpoint file.

      The free vMix will accommodate a recording of the presentation but if memory serves, it will not allow an HD recording. For that you will need to purchase a license for $60.

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      Thank you for the detailed answers.
      Question: Do I need to record ppt at the time of speaker’s presentation? OR I can only record speaker during the event and later on take his PPT and convert into video and then combine ppt video and speaker’s video (recording by camera) by a editing software? And I should use software you recommended above?

      I am naive in this area so sorry for simply questions.

      Is this the correct procedure?

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      There are ways to include the Powerpoint slides in post, but you will need to know what slide the presenter is displaying at any given time. That means you will need to capture the screen while shooting the presenter. Room lighting may make that difficult, as the screen may be washed out while the presenter is properly lit. The best method is to record the Powerpoint at the time the of the presentation.

      Alternatively, using a second camera focused on the screen to capture the Powerpoint slides is possible, but will require work in post to sync.

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      Jack Wolcott’s method of switching back and forth would be best, though I would not normally suggest putting a camera on anything being projected. You can get an Atomos Ninja 2, it will record any video signal (HDMI) that you put through it and will pump the signal back out for the screens. Then in post production you can AB edit the footage or play with the scale and position of the videos (or even crop the videos to the core subject) and place them side by side, though there will be inconsistencies if you are not using uniform scaling.

      If you are low on time however, just make a note of what slide is used and when (according to your cameras timecode), then get the presentation afterwards. All you would have to do then is take the slides, screenshot or Snip them to make photos, and edit them in post production.

      As for editing software I would suggest Adobe’s Premiere Pro. They do offer trial versions, which while they do not compare to the full versions, it will get you through this video.

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      I tried Camtasia Studio to combine ppt and video. It is easy to use.

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      We have created a new service which automatically combines the video of the presenter with the video of the slides. And it has some AI to decide when to show the presented, or slide, or side-by-side, or other modes. We are trying to cut out all the editing needs from creating an engaging video. Plus we also produce a short clip that can be used for social or internal communications to get more people engaged. Would love for folks to try it out and provide feedback.

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      We do this quite a bit, and it’s usually simplest to get them to give you the powerpoint, making sure the slides are included – we get a few where they seem to have linked to images rather than embedded them, but – in general, you load up the powerpoint and then export it at the video resolution you want. We just do 1980×1080 and when we import that into premiere, we can go between seamlessly – one full screen caption might be from the video, while others could be screen grabs from the video we exported on another machine, and you can go from one to the other with a wipe or dissolved with no image shift. PIP is a good technique – but only if the slides are suitable. A slide with small fonts can’t be shrunken and still read.

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      I find the best way to do this is to record the PowerPoint live during the presentation. Split the signal from the computer with a distribution amp and send 1 feed to your Production switcher or recorder.

      Ideally you would run everything through a production switcher and live switch to PPT when needed, or do a split screen or PIP. ISO record your camera, PowerPoint and the line cut. Then when editing later you can tweak as much as you want. This also ensures that PowerPoint animations are recorded as the speaker presented.

      Or you could get a copy of the PPT from the speaker and edit it in later. I like to record the PPT on a video rather than export stills of the slides.

      I use this stand-alone game recorder to record PPT, YouTube, web pages, etc. Hauppauge HD PVR Rocket Portable HD Game Recorder. $128. Records on a USB stick in H264.

      The problem is that most presenters are not very good at designing graphics or PowerPoint slides. It looks terrible, off centered, no margins, small text, 4:3 instead of 16:9, etc.

      I have re-designed slides for speakers to make them ‘video’ friendly. That can be very time consuming. It’s not always an option but it helps increase production value. I strive to make my live recordings switched well so I don’t have to edit these in Premiere Pro later.


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