How can I combine a video with Zoom H4n recorder audio?

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      I want to take video of guitar playing with my camera but use the audio recorded the same time from my Zoom recorder. What programs (linux or windows) do I have to use to substitute the cameras audio with zooms and synchronize them?

      Thank you!

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      Any of the modern NLEs out there can do what you want. How much you want to spend is up to you.

      One thing to be aware of is that you will (not may, will) lose sync,especially if it's a very long take. This is because the crystal in the Zoom runs at a slightly  different speed than the one in your camera and speed differences over time is where this will show up. Stick to short takes and you should be ok.

      I highly recommend downloading the trial version of a program and playing with it for a week or two to get comfortable with it first. Then try another one. Repeat as necessary. is a thread on here that discusses several different ones out there.



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      Honestly if you are new to video, you could just do this in Windows Movie Maker. Look up "replace audio windows movie maker" on youtub and it will show you how incredibly easy it is, especially with the program

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      It's difficult to do in Windows Movie Maker since there is no tools for precise adjustment of video and audio. And with sound your have to adjust somethimes even by 1-2 frames. Use one of the advanced NLE. Also, as rs170a mentioned, you can experience lost in sync. But it's not a problem, it happenes because in video you record sound with 48HGz and ZoomH4n typically set up for 44HGz. You have to choose 48HGz mode in Zoom settings and you will be fine with synchronization. Still, it could be unsynchronization, but only in case you are recording up to 2 hour straigth.

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      Don;t forget to use a clapper board to do the easy. Line up the ausio spike and the closed frame of the clapper board. No clapper board no problem I just clap my hands once when filming a meeting.

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      The Plug-in company Red Giant has a great plug-in for sound sync called Pluraleyes3. If you are a student they do have students discounts and it's a great way to pick up their goodies.


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      You should look at dreamSync:

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      If you have Adobe Premiere this is extremely easy to do. Simply select your audio + video clips > Right Click > Merge Clips > Click Audio > Click Remove Audio from AV Clip > Done – Now drag to your timeline.


      Otherwise, you could use third party software like Plural Eyes. Or just do it the old school way – manually.

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      As Mike pointed out, you will have some synchronization issues to contend with.  You may be better off starting  with the sound from a pair of decent and carefully positioned microphones, and save yourself the post hassles. When you see this sort of thing done in the movies or on TV, they have sophistiated gear with timecode sync.




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      A big +1 to what Robert said about using external mics. Keeping it simple is always better and easier to deal with in post.



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      I agree with Tunguy. DreamSync is effective for these types of syncing debacles. 

      If you're doing a cover of a song, performing on stage, or doing an interview with two external devices, that's the go-to software. 

      Also, check out this article on how to best shoot videos with separate devices.

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