How are you booking gigs?

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      How are you coming across your wedding/events gigs? Is it word of mouth, or are your ads actually working out for you? A combination of both?

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      Probably 50% is through word of mouth, the other is through our website. We set up great Search Engine Optimization so when you search for my city and "wedding videography" we're the first one that comes up.

      Bridal shows never worked well for us, we got maybe one wedding out of one we did. 

      We also just subscribed to Wedding Wire, but I'm not sure if it will do anything for us.

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      AvatarSDE Weddings

      Hi Helpfulhand


      We are SDE Weddings and we film weddings in Toronto. 


      This is our website:


      In terms of our strategy, we perform SEO as Jettiee mentioned. 


      We spend a lot of time blogging our content. we upload our videos on vimeo & youtube.


      We also spend a lot of time networking with photographers & wedding planners. 


      We don't really use wedding wire, that website is saturated, too many companies on  there already. 


      the most important thing is get to the first page of google. which is why we spent so much time blogging on our website. 


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