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      Is anyone familiar with houstosvoice.com? I am working with a client and trying to get good 1080p video; I have quality native files. I am using Sony Vegas, but I don't know what to render it as. There are so many choices, and settings my client suggested .mp4 as the .mpg2 wouldn't upload, but worked flawlessly for youtube. Houston's voice doesn't have any guidelines, and doesn't respond by email contact (at least not to me) so if anyone has experience it would be appreciated.




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      I'm not familiar with that site but I am a long time Vegas user.

      I render anything I upload to sites such as YouTube using the AVC/MVC mp4 Internet 1280×720 30p preset as I consider 1080p to be overkill.

      In Pro 10 and 11, this is found under the Sony template.

      In Pro 12, it's under the MainConcept template.



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      Thank's I will give that a try.

      If anyone has anything specific to houstonsvoice.com would be a big help =) thanks in advance.

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