Honestech VHS To DVD Deluxe 5.0 Screen Capture Device

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      I am 73, female, with limited computer knowledge, so for me–this is a biggie.


      I am working on a tutorial for Dummies as I could find little help with the editing, etc. from any of the online video community forums. Although they have a "How To" manual it did not go into some of the details in depth. I could not have navigated through the editing of the videos without help from the online Honestech Customer Support Techs (both through their 800 number and email support).


      In response to my question on creating a tutorial, "You are welcome to put up tutorials online. As long as you do not claim they are official videos from the company, you will be okay use the product for review and tutorial purposes."


      I would like to create a video for You Tube (but that is another learning challenge), so my first endeavor will be a tutorial I will post on e-How. Yes, this device did everything it said it can do!







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      Dear Lucien,

      I`ve read posts about your learning curve and must commend you for your willingness to hang in there and figure it out. Having used the Honestech product to capture of VHS tapes and put on DVD I know it can be a bit of a challenge. Now I use their software just  to capture VHS and make DVD`s using other products.


      Good luck making your “for Dummies“ tutorial. I wasn`t sure if you were aksing a question so here is a little tip for the busy folks who skim the forums.


      If you write: I have a question…then ask the question as succintly as possible. Put detail information below your question(s) in other sentances. Stick with one question per post to ensure succinct answers. If you want step by step explanations, ask for them or else forum users may post answers at too high a level for you to deal with.


      For example, to use the Honestech box and software, I would say: install the software, open the program, connect the VCR to the Honestech box, plug the box into the computer, wait for the USB recogniton, turn on the VCR, press play, press record on the software…wait til end of tape. Follow the wizard to make the DVD. I know many a person who would be stalled at “ ìnstall the software.“ When I see questions like `how to install software`I just ignore them.

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