Hollywood’s Waning Creativity

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      Mike Wilhelm

      Check out this infographic from ShortoftheWeek.com:


      What do you think this says about the Hollywood film industry? To me it speaks more to our viewing habits as a film-going audience. It's not saying that the overall ratio of sequels to originals is higher (although it may be), simply that these are the films we're paying to go see.

      If you ask me, it's the public's taste in film that should be criticized, not necessarily Hollywood's lack of artistic vision.


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      I agree. The worst shit ends up having a sequel or two and makes mega-bucks just because of a lame premise and a few B-grade one-liners. It's mind numbing, "reality" TV has the same appeal unfortunately. It's just a safe venture for the studio in the end, like a 4/4 120bpm pop song that no-one ever asked for, with a heap of marketing to hype it up.


      But the film industry only makes them because a majority of the audience won't risk seeing something they can't be certain about liking. I hate the term "Foreign Film" and "Arthouse". Guess what, I live in Australia, all Hollywood films are "Foreign"! Does a film being labeled as "Foreign" make it less appealing?… to your average Joe audience, I think it does.


      Speaking more from a cinema-tech side, I know that even though we've just worked on set with a bunch of really creative people to produce a film or music video, carefully lit, filmed in a crazy resolution and obsessively graded in post-, 90% of the audience are satisfied with a DivX ripped H.264 copy via YouTube on their iPhone… But that's not necessarily related to content, more to format.

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      I am trying to buy an old theatre so I can fix it up and open it indie filmmakers to show thier films and  hopefully make money….
      see this this failing in Hollywood and greed by the big studios as an opening doorway.
      We don't need big studio support to make a film anymore… we don't need them to distribute any more…. why do we still believe we need them to have our work shown in theatres?

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