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      I have just purchased the Tascam RD60D 11/4/13.

      Despite the fact that it is a beautiful piece of electronics, on my 5th use (with the same mic cable each time) the XLR input clip stuck and I was unable to remove the XLR.

      When I finally did get the XLR out the clip was bent and I’m afraid that putting another XLR in will be locked in permanently.

      As I bout this from USA, Tascam Australia will not repair it. I have been told by Tascam USA that since I don’t live in the USA they will not repair it and send it back to me.

      If I had bought this recorder from Australia (by the way it’s not yet available in Australia) and then traveled over seas for a job and had a problems with it, Tascam would not authorise the repair unless I sent it back to Australia, leaving me high and dry with out a recorder? (This is a big concern as I do travel on video projects)

      If video is a hobby, you may consider this a great piece of equipment, though probably too expensive for a hobbyist. But I can not consider nor recommend this as a professional product. Due to the likelihood that the XLR input clips could get stuck at any time and render the DR-60D useless.

      I have been using Zoom for years that I bought from USA and when I had a problem I was able to get it fixed under warranty in Australia (despite it not being their standard policy). I guess that shows the difference between a company that values its customers and one just after money. 

      It’s a shame about the XLR input clips.

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      Sorry to hear this, Ricky.  I have a DR-40, and like it, and had considered buying this recorder.  If you haven't done so, I would write to both Tascam Australia and Tascam USA, describe the problem, and tell them that you won't be buying their products in the future unless they resolve it.  I would also post a factual review at B&H and elsewhere, to raise consumer awareness.


      Cheers and good luck,



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      I see that the connectors in question are those lovely combo XLR/1/4" TRS connectors. It would take some experience and skill to replace them, or to even remove the latching mechanism. Alas, electronic gear these days isn't meant to be serviced . . . . but it " can " be done.

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      Under Australian state and federal leglislation, all retail and wholesale traders together with importers and manufacturers must by law offer a consumer product protection (i.e. repair, replace or refund), regardless of what the product warranty states or implies. Provided you have proof or confirm you have been refused service, you should contact to the "Consumer Affairs Department" in the state in which the company operates (e.g. If Victoria the website is: http://www.consumer.vic.gov.au/) ‎The Department will then take up the fight with the entity that sold you the product.

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      Thank you for your coments.

      I have contacted them, and there reply was that they will not help me.
      it just goes to show the difference between a company that values its customers and one just after money.
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